General Questions

The Chatrooms Do Not Load
Our site uses HTML5 technologies for displaying the chatrooms and streams. If you are having trouble loading the chatrooms specially the video, try disabling your VPN if you are on VPN. You may also try changing the state or country of your VPN. You can also try toggling between the HTML5 and Instant viewer by clicking on the button underneath the chatroom.

Forgot Username or Password?
You can type in your user name and email address on the FORGOT PASSWORD page and your information will be emailed to you.

How Do I Change My Password?
Click MENU then select EDIT MY ACCOUNT from any page to change things such as you username or password.

How Can I Close Or Delete My Account?
Our system automatically deletes accounts that have not been logged into for over three months. To have your account closed and deleted do not login to the account anymore. Accounts are not able to be immediately deleted due to bank record keeping requirements.

Will The Performers Do Anything I Want During A Private Show?
Each Performer decides what they are willing to do. Ask them in free chat if they are willing to do what you request before going in Private chat. We can not provide support for any actions involving scat, waterports or any other body fluids in private shows.

What Happens When The Connection Is Interrupted During A Private Show?
In the event of an interruption in the connection between the Performer and the customer the private is automatically ended and no further credits are deducted for that show.

How Do I Use Two Way Cam?
Two way cam is enabled when you login to your account. It does not work while chatting as a guest. Click the 2way start button to select which webcam on your computer to use. Once your webcam is active a preview button will apear. This will open a popup window of your cams video. To let the Performer see your cam then click on the broadcast.


MY Credit Card Is Declined And I Have The Money.
Credit Card processing companies such as CCBill sometime reject credit cards that are good. They have a fraud protection system that looks for red flags and sometimes cards are denied based on such flags. Most commonly if you mistype the billing address they will lockout a card for 24hrs before letting you try again. This does not mean you have done anything wrong. You can always contact ccbill to see if the problem can be resolved.

My Credit Card Was Declined But Still Charged The Amount.
When you attempt to use your credit card our servers contact the banking computers and provide the card numbers and billing information. The banking computers send our servers back two responses. The first response is if your credit card has the amount requested available. The second response is if the billing information provided matches your credit card. If your credit card has the requested balance available your bank will place a 72 hour hold on those funds in the event our company wants to bill you that amount. This is standard practice of all companies that accept credit cards. However if the second response says the billing information was not correct, our servers decline finishing the transaction and your credit card is not billed. However your bank does NOT release the hold. You see this right away if your card is a debit card. Your bank statement will show a pending transaction during the time the hold is in place. It is only pending and not finalized, the money never leaves your account. You can notice this in the difference between your available and actual balance. Your actual balance never has the amount deducted because the money never physically leaves your account. You can contact your bank to verify the status of any VISA holds placed by them.

How Can I Check My Account History?
To access your account history including all of your purchases and private shows click MENU at the top of the page then select ACCOUNT HISTORY.